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How to give up alcohol but not good taste?

How to give up alcohol but not good taste?

18 January 2022

In recent years, non-alcoholic beverages have become a trend in their own right. On the one hand, it shows a cunning marketing strategy, Saku, A. Le Coq and Hartwall are back in the street because they have all come out with non-alcoholic versions of their hits, which should be easier and more ethical to advertise than their original versions. But it is certainly not the only thing that is going on, there is a growing demand among the people for tasty and tasty drinks, which should not cause you to worry about health, well-being and leadership skills.


In Lyre, the impossible mission and the triumph of the moccasins

Lyre is a company that has set itself a rather impossible mission - to create drinks with a unique taste that are in no way inferior to traditional cocktails. Some may now be wondering why not drink something that has always been free of alcohol. Why recreate alcohol-free cocktails? For example, ice cream cocktails, juices and soft drinks still exist. However, this is not so easy, because the cocktail culture did not emerge empty. An analogy can be found, for example, in vegetable burger steaks and hod dog sausages. Here, too, we see an attempt to create the same taste and food experience that traditionally includes meat, but with herbal remedies such as soy. We would not expect a vegetarian to eat only a salad, but also to want to enjoy a burger and a hot dog. So for people who want to have a decent taste experience with a cocktail, but without any problems, they still have the right to do so. Today, Lyre's products have reached such a level that they are recognized in every sense and at every level. In almost every corner of the world you can find a bar where their drinks have nicely settled in and captured the tastes and hearts of local drink gourmets, allowing the cocktail culture to flourish without harming their health.


Has Lyre reached us too and how can you try it?

Anyone who has now noticed the desire to get to know some of the cocktails for yourself, you have a great opportunity to do so. Sushi King has brought to its choice five Lyre's ready-made cocktails, all of which are waiting to be tried


Lyre's bubble bubble - For all bubble fans who appreciate good taste. Serve chilled in a glass with your foot and discover how the sour taste of green apple is gradually replaced by the sweetness of a honey bee.


Lyre's American Malt & Cola - For anyone who loves the combination of dark and slightly smoky flavors with softening cola, you can notice the flavors of roasted walnut, cedar spice and rye over the first sip. If you want to get a particularly unique experience, serve in a shallow glass with plenty of ice.

Lyre's Amalfi Spritz - Anyone who knows that there is no sweet without bitterness can watch the dominance of bitter rhubarb and orange in the first sip, but its retreat in front of the sweet peach in the aftertaste. If you want to thin a little, add a lot of ice and a slice of orange or grapefruit to the Amalfi Spritz cup.


Lyre's Gin & Tonic - For everyone who knows that classics are eternal. Strong flavors with juniper and citrus arrive to caress your taste buds with light bubbles and crisp freshness. If you want a particularly elegant solution, serve in a tall glass with plenty of ice, lemon and rosemary.


Lyres Dark & Spicy - In the first sip, the flavors of ginger, lime, iris and spices meet in a harmonious blend. If you want to tame the ginger heat a bit, serve with ice, in a tall glass, and add plenty of lime.


For each cocktail, you can notice a journey that begins with a gentle caress in the nostrils, followed by a taste bud on the tongue and a strong aftertaste, as none of Lyre's cocktails is just a sweet lemonade, but a refined and rich experience.


Lyre’s selection of non-alcoholic cocktails can be found on our menu


You can find an even more comprehensive selection on the Gemoss website

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