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Is the syrup still in Santa

Is the syrup still in Santa's bag or inside the dwarf's slipper? Absolutely!

10 December 2021

As soon as December arrives, there will be a noticeable change in the cityscape - slippers and candles appearing in the windows, and bright spruces in the shopping malls. Film marathons with Christmas films that have risen to the status of evergreen classics are also in their place. Along with this, the burning question rises again - what to give to a person who respects good taste and loves to make something with his own hands.

If you have a friend or acquaintance who has sometimes blew up watching a bartender making a drink so that he can mix such a magic glass, Monini's cocktail syrup set is the perfect gift. The set offers both sweet and sour flavors, and all syrups are suitable for such classics as Tom Collins or Mojito, but you can also make a nice lemonade by mixing the syrup with carbonated water and a glass full of lime. More exciting recipes can be found at

If you happen to have a family member or friend who only gets a happy smile on his face when he holds a steaming cup of coffee with both hands and inhales its rich aroma, Monin's set of coffee syrups is definitely on his Christmas wish list. The set includes vanilla, roasted hazelnuts, gingerbread and chocolate chip cookie syrups, which can be mixed with not only coffees but also, for example, an ice cream cocktail, the options are actually endless. You can find more exciting coffee drinks at

When making a gift, don't forget that it's not a shame to indulge in something nice, so you can feel free to throw in one of Monini's slippers and strike your family and friends with exciting drinks during the holidays!

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