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New order picking principles

New order picking principles

10 January 2022

Packaged additives ensure quality and avoid waste

Years of experience in the restaurant world have given us a good overview of people's consumption habits. Sushi toppings like wasabi, ginger and soy sauce have long been a concern.

The reason was that different restaurants added different amounts of toppings, and the quality of the toppings could also vary from place to place. Another problem was the simple fact that if the impurities were added a little, the customer would not have had the right experience, if the impurities were too much, the surpluses went to the trash.

That is why we have introduced pre-packaged additives, which ensure the quality, freshness and the same amount of the additive, so that the customer knows which amount to take into account.

As of November 22, 2021, due to changes in the Packaging Act, we will no longer add additives to our orders free of charge.

Instead, we set a symbolic price for the additives. Adding soy, wasabi or ginger will cost 25 cents. In this way, we avoid wasting food and thereby also contribute to the preservation and sustainability of the environment in the future. If you accidentally order a larger amount of additives, there is no need to worry, because the packaged additives will remain in your refrigerator for a long time and are waiting for the next order from Sushi King :)

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