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Three watermelon drinks to earn extra points in the eyes of family and friends!

Three watermelon drinks to earn extra points in the eyes of family and friends!

19 April 2022

Much has been said about what better symbolizes summer carefree and relaxation, whether watermelon or strawberry. Although strawberries have the advantage that we can pick them from our beds in the summer, it is difficult to find anything equivalent to the juiciness and freshness of watermelon. The weakness of strawberries and watermelons, however, is the sad fact that they are extremely seasonal fruits, but the next three drinks are at hand with Monini watermelon syrup all year round and are a great way to get on a summer wave.


Virgin arbuusimojito

Mojito is the uncrowned king of summer drinks and always a great way to indulge in something simple but luxurious. The following ingredients are required

  • ice
  • happy
  • fresh mint
  • sparkling water
  • Monini watermelon syrup

Preparation: Put two good handfuls of mint and one sliced lime in a glass. Pierce them with a mallet and fill the glass with ice. Pour on the carbonated water and finally add 4 cl of Monini watermelon syrup, stirring for a while. To get the exact sour and sweet balance you like, you can experiment with the amounts of lime and syrup until you find exactly the right ratio.

Ice cream cocktail with watermelon

Watermelon jojoba is a great refreshment, but if your heart craves something more refreshing, a watermelon-flavored ice cream cocktail is also a great choice. The following ingredients are required:

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Milk
  • Monini watermelon syrup

Preparation: Put three balls of vanilla ice cream in a blender and pour over the milk so that the ice cream balls are inside the milk or slightly outside. Pour an additional 4 cl of watermelon syrup, cover with a blender and press the button. You can adjust the thickness of the ice cream cocktail by changing the ratio of ice cream to milk.
PS. Watermelon syrup is also very suitable for ice cream.

Refreshing lemonade

There is a charm in simplicity, you can get a very tasty and pleasant lemonade even if you add watermelon syrup Monin to carbonated water. The following ingredients are required for preparation:

  • Sparkling water
  • Ice
  • Monin Watermelon Syrup

Preparation: Fill a glass with ice, pour carbonated water and put watermelon syrup to taste and enjoy the effervescent freshness in each crumb.

PS: Many watermelon syrups do not contain gluten, lactose, artificial preservatives or sweeteners and are completely vegan.

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